Allan Dougal

 Allan Dougal  | Basso Bikes

Dougal Allan, Age 30,
Country of origin: New Zealand
Where do you live now: Oamaru, New Zealand
Tell us a bit about how you got involved into cycling and how is your approach to cycling now.

I started as a downhill mounatin bike enthusiast when I was a teenager. I was not much good and crashed too often so switched to cross country mountain biking. Then I did multisport races that involved both mountain biking and road cycling. Now I do ironman racing and have found I am at my best on a Time Trial bike. So I guess I have ridden many different bikes in  my life, and really enjoyed them all.
What Basso bike are you riding now:

Basso Konos: black/blue/yellow, Ultergra  di2, Enve SES 7.8 wheelset.
Describe the bike in 3 word:

Silent, smooth, fast
What do you like about your Basso bike:

 It is the most simple but most beautiful TT bike I have experienced. It is stiff, light and aerodynamic - the three most important things.  You can feel the love that has gone into building it. It makes no sound, even when rolling at 50km/hr. Riding my Basso Konos is peaceful yet exhilarating.  I have never been so proud of a bike in my life as I am of my Konos. I cannot wait to wake up everyday and ride it.