Roman Siromakha

 Roman Siromakha  | Basso Bikes
Roman Siromakha. I am 26 years old, living in Brooklyn New York, USA. 
Tell us a bit about how you got involved into cycling and how is your approach to cycling now.

Cycling came to me as a way to get more exercise. I have competed in multiple sports my whole life. Thus having a lot of energy is not that easy to get rid off.  About 8 years ago, I got hooked on fixed gear riding. From there, is slowly evolved into getting a road bike and so on. Now cycling is a big part of me. It drives my creativity and fuels my passion for exploring. 

What Basso bike are you riding now (model, color, groupset, wheels).

I ride an Astra Italia model, with mechanical Ulltegra and the Microtech M150 wheels. 

Describe the bike in 3 words.

Stiff, responsive and reliable. 

What do you like about your Basso bike?
My Astra bike is the best carbon bike I've ridden this far. Being a bigger guy, I am always worried about carbon flexing in a sprint or in an out of the saddle climb. I don't have problems of that sort with the Astra. I can accelerate and the bike will respond with no power loss. It's light and reliable, which is a difficult combination to obtain in my opinion. Basso was able to put all of the characteristics that you would want in multiple bikes into one model. Also, don't forget the Aero effects. It's cuts wind, like knife through butter.