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Basso Diamante SV Team Issue

Like a lot of bikes of this style, the Basso needs to be ridden hard and fast, this is when it comes alive. You can cruise along on it yeah, but you won't be unleashing the magic that's stored inside that frame.

The aerodynamic tweaks to this frame aren't as extreme as those we've seen on others in the marketplace, and I doubt they make much difference in the real world compared to the standard Diamante, but that doesn't stop the SV being quick, very quick, with that thrill of travelling so fast on a bike that weighs virtually nothing gives you the feeling of floating. You can cover a lot of ground very quickly and it's a relief to get plenty of use out of that 53-tooth chainring and the smaller end of the cassette.

Even with the 20mm integrated frame spacer in place and another 15mm on top of that, the Basso is still very long and low, which gets you in the mood for concentrating on your position, keeping things tucked, whether you are on the hoods or down in the drops.