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With an unbridled love of racing, Morvélo Basso includes a broad range of riders. From the experienced Elite level to young 3rd Cat upstarts, a Masters National Criterium Champion to passionate racers rapidly working their way up the ladder. A serious amateur racer's life is no easy task, juggling full time jobs, family and work in amongst training, racing and travelling. It's this dedication that Morvélo and Basso applaud and why the team focuses on supporting these racers throughout the ranks.
Team Manager Adam J Moore

Morvelo Basso Racing Team currently ride Basso Diamante Asphalt Black.

What we think about the Basso Diamante ?

‘’it’s a genuine race machine, the short wheel base makes its great through the corners, but it’s equally at home on those 100 mile rides’’
‘’Accelerates extremely well, nothing wasted when putting the power down, very nimble and responsive throwing it in and out of the comers. A pleasure to ride".