Peppermint Cycling Team

Peppermint Cycling Team  | Basso Bikes
PEPPERMINT Cycling Team is a women's competitive team based in Quebec, Canada. 
The team is composed of engaged, entrepreneurial women who strive to perform and share the common vision of reinforcing the collective dimension of women's cycling.
As registered team of the Quebec Cycling Federation, the team has been standing out on the provincial, national and international circuits in all disciplines of cycling; road, track, fixed-gear and cyclo-cross.
The PEPPERMINT Cycling Team is self-managed and self-sufficient. Each member plays an active role in the team management and activities. Decisions are made by mutual agreement and consensus, ensuring that team values are respected. With each woman brining her unique skill set and individual strengths, the PEPPERMINT Cycling Team aspires to become the number one reference in Quebec for women cycling.
Basso and PEPPERMINT Cycling Team duo is unique, and this custom machine will empower the team to power through their races in style.