Rikke Laursen

Rikke Laursen  | Basso Bikes

Danish cycling coach - Rikke Laursen
For me, cycling is one of the most essential things, besides my family and friends.
I have been cycling since I was 13 years and started as instructor, only 21 years
old. The past years I have focused on women’s cycling and formed a team of 400
girls roaming the Danish roads.
I travel with my bikes in all of the world. Granfondo in Peschiera in Italy, Radweltpokal
in Austria, qualifications to Master world championship in Dubai and in 2017, I will
challenge the podium at the Master world championship in France.
Italy is my heart VERY near, after having lived two years in Milan. I admire the
Italian style and culture. The language and the beautiful nature that brings joy to
your whole body, when explored on wheels with wind on the nose.
2017 is a special year for me, since I will be riding Italian perfection and handcrafted
bikes - BASSO. It will be the special DIAMANTE edition, which makes me think of
that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.