Simone Kumhofer

Simone Kumhofer   | Basso Bikes
Simone Kumhofer is Pro Triathlet from Austria and passionated Basso Ambassador. 

- When and how did you start racing in triathlon?
At the age of 29 (yes i´m that old ;)) i decided to start swimming and bought my first road bike! Two years later i raced my first 70.3 and four years later i became Austrian and European Champion on the middle distance. 

- Swim, bike or run. Which one is your strongest and favourite section?
Cycling is my world - freedom combined with speed - i love it!

- What’s your next goal ?
This year i aim for a 70.3 podium! 

- Where would you like to ride your bike in the future?
To climb some famous routes in the french alps would be great! 

 - Which are you favourite roads?
Long climbings in the alps - the amazing view and to finish on top make all the suffer so worth it!

- Describe your bike
The Basso Konos is the most agil and light TT i´ve ever ridden. It´s super direct, the breaking performance is outstanding - sometimes i feel like on a road bike! It fits me and our race courses in Europe so perfect! I really looking forward to compete the first time this year!