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Szymon Kotowski aka "Szymonbike" is a polish guy who spends the winter time in the mountains in Sierra Nevada. He loves to travel with his bike and he is looking for a cycling trip to Lofoten Islands. 

When and how did you start cyclin?
It was about 15 years ago, i was just a kid who rides a lot. I mean, a lot. So my dad bought me some racing bikes and after that it's a typical story with local clubs, smaller and bigger races and so on.

What is your approach to cycling now?
I quit racing. I could say I quit cycling. I used to race for about eleven years. But now i don't do training anymore, I don't use computers or powermeters. I just ride for fun, to be in the mountains, outdoors as much as I can. Use my bike as a tool to get in some beautiful places, to reach summits and explore new places. No more competition, no more comparing to others, just having fun from the sake of riding. I call it "Romantic cycling".

Where would you like to ride in the future?

Every new place for me is ok, but i prefer mountains. I dream about Lofoten in Norway, that's on the top of my bucket list right now.

Coffee ride or race day. Which one do you prefer?
As you can guess, Coffee ride. To be accurate, a  beer after an epic ride from dawn till dusk. That's my thing.