Team Hurom

Team Hurom   | Basso Bikes
Team Hurom is a professional cycling team that appeared on the Polish roadways in 2017. The team is registered in the UCI ranks with a Continental Team license. The team plans primarily to participate in races in the UCI Europe Tour, not only those in Poland. There are ten riders which wear the familiar yellow and black colors: Stanisław Aniołkowski, Mikołaj Gutek, Paweł Franczak, Wojciech Franczak, Eryk Latoń, Bartłomiej Matysiak, Wojciech Migdał, Emanuel Piaskowy, Konrad Tomasiak and Bartosz Warchol. Marcin Pec, Andrzej Sypytkowski and Mirosław Kostro are responsible for this new team in Poland.
Team Hurom is made up of a combination of young as well as more experienced riders. The team plays very well together, on flat sections the sprinters are in the perfect position to finish in the last few meters, and in somewhat harder races, the players without any problems reduce the peloton.
One of the most important items in Team Hurom's arsenal are their Basso bikes. They are sure to take on the Polish Championships.