Team Maap-Basso

Team Maap-Basso  | Basso Bikes

The MAAP/Basso team is an Australian amateur racing team with a simple aim: have a blast riding hard and racing with mates. As a local team in Melbourne, it originally kicked off in 2015. Since then, the drive to ride and desire to race has grown with each new experience, result and rider. For this 2017/18 race season, the MAAP/Basso team is introducing a new team member to join in on the year's riding and racing. From training days, crits and road races, the guys will be mixing it up on the road all across Australia.

“After the MAAP Diamante Edition, the expectations for this collaboration were very high. The first collaborative frame between MAAP and Basso received brought a fresh style in the road which saw love from all parts of the world. With the Diamante SV MAAP Edition, we’re continuing that spirit of progression marrying a one-of-a-kind design and creative perspective with our the most aero frame we build.”

- Alessandro Basso

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