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Others do Gravel, #wedopalta

Define gravel? It means different things to different people. Ask 10 people and you are likely to get at least 4 different answers. As such, the Basso solution to gravel couldn’t take an approach that sought to cater to one specific type of riding and the Palta project was aimed at incorporating specific versatility, as odd as those two words look side by side. Specific versatility for the Palta meant creating a platform that was specifically perfect for the versatile nature of gravel…in all of its interpretations. Combine that with the desire to insert Basso’s competitive DNA and Road heritage  and you have a performance machine ready to take on trails that fit anyone’s definition of gravel…with speed and style. 

The question remains, what exactly is gravel? 

Gravel is fun riding under the sun, but also epic two-wheeled adventures at night.


Gravel is miles of technical dirt roads but also fast paced asphalt endurance endeavours. 


Gravel is the search for adventure, the search for new limits, or both, or niether. 


Gravel is about packing it all in for the longest long haul or for the quick lunch ride with buddies. 


It is racing, it is endurance, it is pleasant adventure riding and everything inbetween the three. 


Its definition is that it is difficult to define and therein lies its beauty. 


The perfect bike for this discipline that has no definition is one that goes by a different name. 


Others do gravel, #wedopalta


A finely made frame is made finer thanks to the components with which it is built.
The recent Palta adventure which saw the best of the cycling world’s journalists converge upon northeastern Spain’s fantastic gravel landscape was made all the more better thanks to some finely made products. Shimano GRX drivetrain and brakes kept things fast, efficient and in control while Hunt’s gravel specific wheels were robust enough to deal with the roughest terrain and fast and nimble enough to navigate though everything with speed. Smooth rolling, puncture resistant and extremely grippy Vittoria gravel tires handled the varied terrain with great confidence.
BOA dials made for fuss free performance oriented retention not only for shoes but also for EVOC’s amazingly well-designed gravel bags. Adventure doesnt stop because the sun goes down and Exposure lights ensured that the party kept on rolling in complete safety despite the dark of night. Wahoo Element Roam’s fantastic navigational capacity ensured that each and every rider could ride his or her own pace without worrying about missing the next turn.
Last but not least, the bike doesnt move without its motor… or rather the cyclist... whose head was protected by the newest helmet from LEM and whose body was kitted out with the all-new, gravel-specific line of clothing from Sportful.


The Palta was put to the test over a route that lasted several days  and included anything and everything the Basso staff could put in front of them. Dusty trails, singletrack, large rocks, sandy climbs and technical descents provided a well rounded testing ground that was never capable of putting the Palta in difficulty. So able was the Palta that many members of the press remained suprised at the ease with which they were able to take on terrain more commonly found in MTB testing.

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The Palta has been experienced by the world’s top journalists. Read their articles and find out just how a Palta Experience could benefit you in your two wheeled adventures!