Reflection Collection Press Update

Reflection Collection Press Update
The world of cycling welcomes with enthusiasm and praises Basso's initiative to produce a limited edition of the bike at the top of its range.
The Diamante SV, assembled with top-level components according to the usual brand standards, which makes craftsmanship, care and dedication a mantra, is proposed with a new extremely complex painting to be made due to the opalescent effect it wishes to offer.

A fine and elegant painting that will not allow you to go unnoticed, without losing the elegance that distinguishes Basso's top model.

The German blog VeloMotion focuses on Opal paint in a fairly technical way:

"The OPAL White treatment was developed by Basso specifically for its unique reflective properties. As the name suggests, the coloring takes its name from a precious stone and just like in nature, the process of creating the optical chromatic effect to paint the frame is equally complicated, beautiful and rare. The internal structure of the mineral and the color technique developed by Basso diffuse the light and create a play of colors that shows the entire spectrum of colored light, depending on the angle of reflection. This similarity derives not only from the color developed by Basso, but also from the technique with which it is applied. Five separate layers of different colors and different application techniques, coated with a specially developed transparent layer that protects the integrity of the color without inhibiting diffraction of the light."

The Spanish blog TopBici instead presents the refined design of the model and describes the package created in exclusive collaboration for this model with the historic Italian company Selle San Marco:

"The Opal White decoration is found on the frame and on the Diamante SV fork, but also on other components such as spacers or integrated Integra attachment for an unrivaled package. As if this were not enough, this luxurious bicycle of the Italian brand mounts the Iridescent Racing saddle Selle San Marco Shortfit and the handlebar tape in the same reflective color, which contribute to making it a true work of art. The unique image of the Diamante SV highlights the sportiness of this high-performance bike, whose aerodynamics, lightness, responsiveness and efficiency they rank among the most competitive frames of the moment. "

Other Spanish blog,, also reveals the features of our product and presents this limited edition of Diamante SV Reflection Collection with a complete gallery of images.

Simpson Mag's friends, after carefully describing the dark period just ended, present the Diamante SV Reflection with an emotional video:

"The situation here in Italy has been tough. It has been complicated as we were perhaps the first country in the EU to experience the damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been over two months under a complete shut-down after gradually ramping up measures. We had to reprogram our activities and now we want to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the year if not exceed them.
After this blockade, we had a lot of time to reflect on the situation in general. We have developed a new product and a campaign around it. Not only the Overcome campaign we have talked about in recent weeks but now also the REFLECTION COLLECTION "