Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Adria Mobil Continental cycling team was founded in 1972. The team is based in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and races in Europe in the UCI Continental Circuits races.

The Team

Aljaž Colnar
David Per
Aljaž Omrzel
Gal Glivar
Žiga Piskule
Žiga Horvat
Gašper Katrašnik
Aljaž Jarc
Kristjan Hočevar
Boštjan Murn

Mojca Novak, President of Adria Mobil Cycling Club

The Adria Mobil cycling club is entering the new season well rejuvenated, as three members from the junior selection have joined the professional team, who have paved their entire cycling career at the home club and are representatives of the new, upcoming generation of cyclists, which completes the club‘s efforts and work in the field of development of young talents.

Based on the values of "fair play“ and hard work, the Adria Mobil Cycling Club will be creating the future of cycling in terms of sports development and in terms of sustainable mobility, and thus justify the trust of our members, sponsors and fans.