A test 1504km long with PALTA

A test 1504km long with PALTA  | Basso Bikes Shop
1504km. So long did the test on our Palta by Laurent Biger for the French Blog Bike Cafè last. Exceptional mileage for a "on field" test that normally takes place over much shorter distances.

Nicknamed "the Italian Devil", our gravel bike showcases its talents and its design, unleashing amazement and emotion in the expert colleague, who focuses on Geomteries:

"The geometry is ultimately relatively classic in terms of design. The frame is also UCI approved, like all Basso frames. This Palta can therefore legally start a Cyclocross race. However, in the Basso range, we can favor for this aim the FastCross model, which has more aggressive angles and shorter chainstays. Returning to Palta, it is interesting to note the 70 ° steering angle for a bike with this misure in size M."

on the set-up possibilities:

"On the side of the fittings, the bike supplied to me for the test is equipped with the Shimano GRX group of the RX810 series, in its single crown version. The frame is obviously compatible also for assembly with double crown and / or Di2 groupset (electronic).
If we make a synthesis of design, geometries and assemblies, we are faced with a gravel bike that seems close to perfection."

and finally in the part that we in the Basso family care most about: The driving experience.

"here we have a nervous Italian stallion who responds instantly when it is necessary to let the Watts speak. The excellent lateral rigidity faithfully transmits the power invested, without being too demanding. The bottom bracket area collects without blinking the stresses (at least with the my weight of 70 kg) and participates in the positive and accelerating sensations that are felt in the saddle of Palta. "