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Developing new platforms, solutions and better performance is the central task of R+D at Basso headquarters. Prototyping, development, trial and error is all a part of the job that excites the staff. As is to be expected many models never make it to the public and certain concepts are kept under lock and key. However, every now and again some trials make it to the public domain to meet specific needs.  


Lately, despite the lockdown, an impressive looking, albeit atypical, golden Basso can be seen zipping around the streets of Bassano. The prototype URBAN-E model from Basso was lent to friends of the brand who own a restaurant and needed an ECO-friendly, low cost and agile method to get food to customers during the nationwide lockdown here in Italy. Home delivery is the only way for restaurants to remain open and attempt to pay the bills so the bike was seen as an extraordinary measure that fit perfectly for these extraordinary times.


The delivery service was welcome news to local residents too as the only alternative to cooking every meal is home delivery currently. The URBAN-E prototype allowed for food to be delivered also to areas that cars could not reach.


We at Basso were happy to help out a fellow business in our community and now the fine folks at @alquerto are open for business, riding in style and enjoying the new role as an extended part of our testing department!