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Basso Goes Worldwide - Thomson Bike Tour   | Basso Bikes Shop
Your Basso is your loyal companion for all of your local racing, training and riding. Now, thanks to a fantastic partnership with one of the most prestigious tour operators in the cycling world, a Basso bike is waiting for you to ride over the most epic cycling routes that exist. No more fussing with suitcases or worrying about airlines damaging your equipment as Thomson Bike Tours has a top Basso bike sized just for you waiting and ready at your destination.

The bicycles available are the wonderful Basso Diamante: An essentially essential frame eliminates all superfluous design elements and concentrates on its core mission: racing. The elegant and minimalistic design hides the story of an extremely complex design. The finest materials available manufactured with care and laid into place, by hand, in accordance to meticulous studies on material and shape behavior confer to the frame a performance riding experience that quickly conquers the emotions of even the most demanding cyclist.