Basso meet Prosecco Cycling

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Basso and Prosecco Cycling in the saddle together

Two iconic brands come together to promote territorial excellence


Basso is proud to announce its debut in the world of mass cycling events via its collaboration with yet another example of cycling excellence hailing from the same region. By becoming a partner with an event that on 27th September will bring over two thousand cyclists, from thirty nations, to pedal in the heart of Prosecco Hills, Basso celebrates cycling with an organization with a similar dedication to excellence that has made it famous the world over.


"We are pleased to announce this important partnership - declares the creator of Prosecco Cycling, Massimo Stefani -. For some time now we have been carrying out important synergies with local companies, with the aim of being ever stronger, together with our partners, in foreign markets. Prosecco Cycling has created an innovative format, based on quality racing and without exasperation, as well as on the charm of a territory unique in the world, to which our event gives maximum value. We will continue to work on hospitality and collateral initiatives, trying to reach new goals together with our partners. I am sure that 2020 will be another season of great satisfaction for the whole Prosecco Cycling world."


“Here in Basso we are very pleased to start a collaboration with such an excellent event as Prosecco Cycling - says the marketing director of Basso Bikes, Joshua Riddle -. The cooperation between Basso and Prosecco Cycling is a perfect and coherent partnership for several reasons: both are characterized by a deep bond with the territory,and both produce excellent products synonymous with the territory itself. The Valdobbiadene area is world-famous for the excellent wine that it produces, while Veneto has brought, thanks to its excellence, Italian cycling to every corner of the globe. Both Prosecco and Basso frames are the product of a long tradition of special, unique and timeless products through an inimitable passion and dedication, transmitting their soul to anyone who has the good fortune to choose to drink or pedal with either one of two. The roots of the vineyards are deeply linked to the land where they were born, and they produce an excellent wine thanks to care, tradition, expertise and passion. The Basso frame, from the first set of welded steel tubes over 40 years ago, to the new carbon frame, both made here in its Italian headquarters, follows the same philosophy of obsessive dedication to the quality. It is for this reason that both have become the flag bearers of this territory around the world, and it is for this reason that their relationship seems to be such an obvious match.  The prestigious event which celebrates both,  takes place in the same territory where both were born, have grown and will continue to plan their future”.

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