Basso's formula for quarantine

Basso's formula for quarantine  | Basso Bikes Shop

This global pandemic has affected us all, either directly or indirectly and to varying degrees. A good portion of us are on lockdown, either volontary or mandated...and as a result we have had to adapt. ADAPT, TRAIN, OVERCOME.

It is the story of cycling...whether it be inclimiate weather, difficult situations, tough terrain, injury or this instance a global health scare... a cyclist must find a way to adapt, find a way to get fit and overcome the obstacle at hand.


How are you all dealing with this particular obstacle? Indoor training? cross training? Send us images or videos of you making the best of a difficult situation with your Basso. Send your images and videos to:

Stay safe, stay healthy, come back stronger...seperate now, together soon!

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The Basso Team