Jaguar and Basso unite in this specific instance to celebrate their shared values of efficient and ecological with two wheels and the other with four…


Basso and Jaguar, two iconic and prestigious brands that are always at the forefront of innovation yet have maintained a strong connection to their history and authenticity throughout their respective histories.

The challenge

300km of riding in a four-week period, testing your dedication, determination and consistency all while enjoying the most efficient human-powered mode of transportation. The challenge is set to start on May 8th, via the Strava platform.

The reward

Participants who successfully complete the 300km milestone enter into a drawing to win up to a month behind the wheel of a Jaguar E-Pace or F-Pace plug-in hybrid vehicle, plenty of Basso prizes, such as a new Diamante SV frame kit, Basso cycling clothes, helmets and more.

Conditions: Only residents of France are eligible to take part in the prize draw. Prize eligibility and fulfillment is at the sole discretion of Basso and Jaguar FR.