Basso Club House in Bassano del Grappa

Basso Club House in Bassano del Grappa  | Basso Bikes Shop
Cycling and Bassano del Grappa go together hand in hand. It is a huge part of our local culture and rightly so, with such a wonderful area full of amazing routes, historic climbs, and beautiful scenery. It is no wonder that our brand finds its inspiration from the strong cycling culture so deeply embedded in our territory. The passion around our beautiful sport has, does, and will continue to drive Basso to produce beautiful works of cycling art that proudly represent not only our brand but also our region. Not only inspired and designed here but also manufactured, built, and painted here…in Basso’s own factories, proudly located in the same area in which it was born.

With this in mind, we have built a temporary clubhouse in the historic city center of Bassano where all are welcome to enter and experience how Basso and Bassano interpret the finer side of cycling.