Giro dell'Emilia. What a Race!

Giro dell'Emilia. What a Race!  | Basso Bikes Shop
Exciting performance by the Aromitalia - Basso Bikes - Vaiano team in the 7th edition of the "Giro dell’Emilia - BPER Banca", the U.C.I. 1.1 staged on the streets of Bologna, with the finish line at the top of the terrible "Colle della Guardia", better known as "San Luca": 2100 meters of ascent with an average gradient of 10% and maximum peaks of 18%. A "Muro di San Luca" which can now be renamed as the "Leleivyte Wall", thanks to the fantastic second place taken by the patron's athlete Stefano Giugni in the post-covid edition, which adds to the triumph won in 2018, with the second place in 2017 and with the two fourth positions in 2016 and 2019. In the history of the race of patron Adriano Amici there has never been anyone like Rasa.

The athlete directed in the flagship by technicians Paolo Baldi and Matteo Ferrari completed a perfect teamwork orchestrated by her teammates. The talented Sofia Collinelli from Ravenna remained in command of the competition for over forty kilometers, in the company of Laura Tomasi, until an unfortunate puncture put her out of the way. The action of the former world champion on the junior track was well protected by teammates Anastasia Carbonari, Carmela Cipriani and Nicole D’Agostin, who in the last kilometers of the race also managed to organize a perfect train to drive Rasa Leleivyte in the top positions. The thirty Ville d'Anaunia Letizia Borghesi, always in the top positions up to the red triangle of the last kilometer and then finished close to the 'top 15', was also excellent proof.

"We ran perfectly - underlined the president Stefano Giugni - our fantastic girls were protagonists throughout the race, not suffering the race and the opponents, but running as a team, at: 'all for one, one for all'. In addition to the ever-extraordinary success of Rasa Leleivyte, this time the biggest applause goes to the very young Sofia Collinelli, for the first time at the start of an international U.C.I. 1.1, and to the always precious Nicole D’Agostin, Carmela Cipriani, Anastasia Carbonari and Letizia Borghesi. By continuing to compete in this way we will take away other great satisfactions." 

1) Ludwig Cecilie Uttrup (FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope) 87.2 Km in 2h10'44 "at an average of 40,020 Km / h
2) Leleivyte Rasa (Aromitalia - Basso Bikes - Vaiano)
3) Rooijakkers Pauliena (CCC - Liv)
4) Pintar Ursa (Alè - BTC Ljubljana)
5) Stultiens Sabrina (CCC - Liv)
6) Paladin Saoraya (CCC - Liv)
7) Guderzo Tatiana (Alè - BTC Ljubljana)
8) Muzic Evita (FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope)
9) Silvestri Debora (GS Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo)
10) Neylan Rachel (Chronos Casa Dorada Women Cycling)

Aromitalia Basso Bikes Vaiano Press Office
(Photo by Flaviano Ossola)