Palta wins the Top Velo Gravel Bike of the Year Award

Palta wins the Top Velo Gravel Bike of the Year Award  | Basso Bikes Shop
Basso Palta wins the 2020 Gravel Bike of the Year award awarded by the prestigious French magazine Top Velo.
An authoritative victory, achieved on brands that make Gravel their strong point, and which rewards once again the way of working and understanding the production of bicycles of the Basso brand.

Gravel takes on several definitions but no matter how you choose to ride the Palta delivers a fantastic riding experience as if it were speficially designed for your particular type of riding for any given day. Compliant enough to smooth out the roughest terrain yet remaining as reactive and efficient as our road specific platforms the Palta leaves even the most demanding cyclist wondering where this frame makes a compromise. Basso, since its inception, creates speed solutions for the road. The Palta maintains that same speed over any terrain, in comfort and control.

Perhaps the most recognizeable design element of the Palta comes in the form of the fork. Its particular shape is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the senses as the form and carbon layup confer increased handling precision and comfort.

The magazine, upon delivery of the award, praises the winning model as follows:

"A bicycle that will create lasting memories", this is what Palta best sums up.
Our recent test revealed an extremely well-designed machine, easy to access and with formidable efficiency on the track but also on asphalt.
An efficiency largely due to the extreme build quality demonstrated by the brand that has chosen not to equip Palta with mechanical elements to optimize comfort (unlike some competitors). Yet the result is there and up to the task: Palta has no lessons to be received from anyone in this matter. "

The Basso team, proud of the result obtained, thanks the Top Velo team.