Seoul High Street Italia

Seoul High Street Italia   | Basso Bikes Shop
HIGH STREET ITALIA was born with the intention of promoting Made in Italy and Italian culture in Korea.

For the first time, a special space open to all, employees of the sector or general public, where Italian companies will have a new promotional tool, a multifunctional space where they can exhibit and even sell their products, where carry out promotional and marketing activities, events, workshops, meetings, tastings and more that they can organize independently or by participating in activity programs that will be carried out by ICE during the year.

High Street Italia is more than a prestigious building in perhaps the most prestigious area of Korea. It is a collection of the finest brands from Italy, highlighting the fine craftsmanship from which their excellent product are made. Basso is amongst these fine brands and as such finds itself on display within this prestigious setting.

Divided into 4 levels and organized into different categories, ranging from food to cosmetics, craftsmanship to industrial prowess, the walls of High Street Italy showcase Basso thanks to its authentic Italian nature, its intrinsic Italian beauty and its finely crafted works of performance art. It is an honor for Basso to be included in such a prestigious setting, bringing our vision of the perfect Italian cycling frame to the world, in this case via Korea.

A Roman aqueduct was chosen as the symbol of the initiative, intended as a flow carrier, in this case of culture, style, ideas and products.

Address and information:
22 Apgujeong-ro 12-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
+82 2-779-0811
Open Wednesday-Sunday 11-20