Strade Bianche 2020

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As you would say in the report cards of many well-known sports television programs: "LELEIVYTE, VOTE 9: A GUARANTEE". Yet another excellent performance by the Lithuanian champion Rasa Leleivyte in the 2020 edition of the "Strade Bianche Women Elite U.C.I. Women's World Tour ”, the most suggestive, uncertain, demanding and well-known competition on the international cycling scene. The athlete of Mr. Stefano Giugni, directed in the flagship by the technicians' Paolo Baldi and Matteo Ferrari, has raced with the strongest interpreters of world cycling, taking an eleventh final place just 5 months from the double shoulder fracture suffered in Spain and after the long forced stop caused by the Coronavirus emergency.

Excellent performance also by Letizia Borghesi, fifth in the special ranking reserved for the Youngsters and sixth-best Italian at the finish, despite a puncture in the fastest moments of the race. Applause also to Angelica Brogi and Carmela Cipriani from Abruzzo, who led to a 136-kilometer race characterized by eight sectors of dirt, climbs, dust, falls, mechanicals, temperatures above 35 ° C. Unlucky day, however, for Anastasia Carbonari and Sofia Collinelli, an athlete in the first year of the category and among the youngest at the starting line. The two representatives of the Aromitalia - Basso Bikes - Vaiano team had to raise the white flag due to two disastrous falls; but both have the talent, the strength, and the determination to make up for the next competitions.