TG2 Motori tests the Basso Diamante SV

TG2 Motori tests the Basso Diamante SV  | Basso Bikes Shop
The SV of the DIAMANTE SV stands for SUPER VELOCE, or super fast in English. The Italian program TG2 MOTORI, the extremely popular program and leading authority on all things related to automobiles, motorcycles, design and mobility, had a first hand look into exactly why the SV is a coherent suffix for the Italian made frame from Basso. 

The opinions in this program hold a great deal of weight as the editors have come to be the most respected opnion leaders for vehicles…whether with four or two wheels..motor powered or muscle driven. Since 1997 TG2 MOTORI has explained in great detail the finer points of well made vehicles, motorcycles and bikes alike. The fantastic opinion of the DIAMANTE SV by way of their editorial staff fills us with pride. Watch the video to see just how well the pinnacle of the Basso range performed..

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