A frame by Basso is a timeless addition to any discerning cyclist’s garage. Aging like fine wine there are many Basso bikes that have been cherished and continue to perform as they were intended on day one, many years after their first ride. If you are the proud owner of a Basso frame from 10 years or more ago we will happily provide you with a “birth certificate” for your frame, underlining its authenticity and celebrating its many years of service. To recieve a document specific to your frame send a clear picture of your bike and its serial number (found underneath the frame near the bottom bracket) and your complete mailing address.


Your frame will be identified via our records and our over 40 year history of catalogues. To compensate for the time consuming excercise and for the postage of the document we ask you to make a 20euro contribution, payable in advance. In return you will recieve your handwritten Basso “birth certificate” by registered mail.