We’ve always wanted to be part of something. We’ve always been in search of emotions, friendship and moments to share. Whenever we ride on our Basso bike out on the streets, it feels like we are not alone. It feels like we are part of an incredible project, of a passionate feeling.

For those who love cycling.
For those who love suffering on their bike, racing every weekend or riding with friends.
For those who love the Italian Racing Passion.
For those who love their Basso Bike. We have created a special group, an exclusive members club, a family.

We are proud to introduce to you FAMIGLIA BASSO BIKES.
We want you closer than ever to us, because we think you are the most important part in our passion for creating fine works of art.

Every Basso Bike owner can be part of Famiglia Basso Bikes. You can register on our website and you will have access to a 12 month membership, which includes exclusive advantages and a special Famiglia box, with limited Famiglia items. We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

- Exclusive Famiglia Basso Bikes Kit
- Carbon fiber Money Clip
- Custom Headset cap + Famiglia Basso Bikes stickers for your bike
- Member card
- Welcome Letter
- Basso Bikes Club House brochure