All bikes have their own geometry, only Basso has our geometry

Over time cycling has evolved and with it so have the bikes, tremendously. Technology has improved and design has changed drastically as a result. However, the human body remains the same, the laws of geometry are invaried and the relationship between rider and bike in terms of biomechanics has not changed. Taking these facts into consideration it is both interesting but not suprising that the meticulously developed geometry from the origins of Basso remain nearly the same some 4 decades later.

The Tailor Bike System

The frames are more performance-oriented in terms of construction, form and material yet the riders most performance-oriented position remains the same.
Our knowledge in this area has been developed from the beginnings of our company. From the Tailor Bike System, born from an initial study that took into consideration more than 5000 anthropometric measurements with the goal of creating a bespoke frame for each rider, we repeated these studies several times throughout the lifetime of the Basso brand finetuning the geometry to an art form.