Geoffroy Lequatre

Geoffroy Lequatre  | Basso Bikes

How and when did you start cycling?


I started pedalling when i was young, around 5 years old, and it was like a hobby. After school my break was to ride on the street and trails in my hometown.

My father was a cyclist and i felt in love with cycling! The famous question at school when you are young : ” what would you like to do when you will be older?" - My answer was always pro Cyclist!

I really started competing when i turned 12 and i started doing cyclocross and small road races! This is how it started, with a victory on my first race. Of course this gives me hope and passion to step up years after years on the pro cycling world ! I reached my goal “being pro cyclist”


- What’s your happiest memory in you career as a Pro? 

The happiest memories in my career are of course some victories, in particular the Tour of Britain in 2008. But also sharing some great time with great people and discovering great places and cultures.

The happiest Memory after years its a global one , learning and following an eduction thanks to the cycling lifestyle, based on effort, overtaking, respect, health and always hope!


- What do you miss about the athlete's life?

I miss the feeling of being in peace with yourself, focus on the body , the feeling of freedom riding for long hours and have a daily regular sport schedule,

This feeling is like being in meditation. 


- When did you start G4? How did it goes?

I've started the G4 brand project when i was still pro at the end of 2010, riding for Radioshack and being the teammate of Armstrong. I launched G4 throughout a website, we started promoting the brand on social media and on the website and step by step thanks  to our new concept of high end  cycling clothes and also thanks to the media and all the contacts into cycling we took the chance to grow. In 2013 we sponsored Eurosport international media and the year after Cannonade Pro cycling and Peter Sagan personally. ! It was a good start to promote the brand! 

Since 2014 and my retirement we are increasing the G4 development in France and now in other different countries ! G4 started from my 2nd passion, the design, to become my job after my career . ! I m super Happy !


- When did you feel at the top of the form in your career?

I felt myself at the top of my form when i decided to stop my career. It's surprising but i was living a situation that was important for my future and reconversion.

I had a chance to grow G4 by sponsoring Cannondale pro cycling team. From that day G4 was a full-time job, no space for pro cycling races anymore! 


- What’s your idea on the modern cycling? 

I love how cycling goes in the amateur way, its more and more focused on friendship and community , people sharing the same passion , the same lifestyle, I love to meet people who are more addict than me.

From them I learn something about cycling even if I know a lot! There is always something to learn from somebody who live cycling into different countries with another culture. I love modern cycling from new cultures into cycling! Fresh mentalities !

From the side of modern pro cycling world, its a difficult question because i m in love with pro cycling because it was my first passion. But pro cycling world goes in the opposite direction of the lifestyle i defend.

I think they should be more open to the public to be discovered by their fans. This is what is the real cycling: federate more around the essence of cycling.  

“ If you share your passion with love this will give you more credit to be supported by fans and the public and make great again pro cycling history ”


- Where would you like to ride your bike in the future?

Wow great question! I’ve been in so many places to ride my bike, then i would like to continue discovering news roads and landscapes. I really like to ride some unknown race or place, discovering roads who nobody thinks we can ride.

I would love to ride in South America , I’ve never been there and I’m sure there are some amazing roads free of cars and full of emotions. But i want to share those trips with friends and cycling passionates! These dreams are always better to share with friends and crazy cyclists.

- What do you like about your Basso Bike?

I love the style of the bike, there is something special, thanks to a beautiful line and finishing. I love the stem and the position on my bike.

It looks aggressive and stylish. I’m using the Diamante asphalt and i love also the strength of the bike when I’m sprinting.

Piloting this bike is like being is osmosis. The balance between grace and power!