The Story of the Bassano-Montegrappa 2017

The Story of the Bassano-Montegrappa 2017  | Basso Bikes

Italy has one of the most difficult and powerful Under 23 circuit. Last sunday we went at the Bassano-Montegrappa, a race won in the past by good athletes like Fabio Aru, to see and support our guys of the Team Northwave. A well-known race because of the infamous and long road that takes the riders on the top of the Monte Grappa, but also because of its beautiful landscapes and the fast laps in the city of Bassano del Grappa

It's 9 AM in the morning in Bassano and the guys prepare their skinsuits and their shoes, while the staff fill the bottles with water and minerals. After the team presentation it's time to get on the bike and go to the start line. The first hour of the race is going to be a mad one: attack, ten seconds rest and another attack, rest and again attacks. After a moment of confusion two groups make the breakaway, with the Team Northwave represented with three guys. A solid first half of race for our cyclists equipped with the Basso Astra, the perfect bike for this kind of race.

After ten laps in the city circuit it's time to take the climb and suffer more and more. The group takes the breakway and the best climbers start to push on their pedals as hard as they can. After the first half of the 25 kilometers climb, Alex Riabushenko is looking good while two guys of the team Colpack do the big effort in the front of a 6-men group.
Meanwhile Ruggero Minisini from Team Northwave is doing a great job, climbing alone to catch the guys in front of him. In his face you can see the sufference and the determination: for a moment seems like he is forgetting the leg pain.

At the end of the climb the best is the young talent Riabushenko. Our Minisini takes the 12th position after a "full gas" climb. Only 20 riders finish the race, while the other part of the peloton is climbing the Monte Grappa only for training.

Anyway it was a good day for our guys, who fought and rode hard their Astra bikes on the roads loved and pedalled by Basso Bikes.