Weekend Race Recap 19/20 August

Weekend Race Recap 19/20 August  | Basso Bikes

We are entering in the final rush of the season, a crucial moment for our teams. Last chances to get great results before the end of 2017.

Victory for Ruben Van der Haeghen! The 23-year old flemish won the race in Evergem in a small bunch sprint against 5 riders. A solid performance for the flemish boy of Team VL-Techincs-Experza-Abutriek.

The polish guys of Team Hurom took part in the classic "
Puchar Ministra Obrony Narodowej", where Erik Laton finished in 2nd place despite he suffered a dirty move in the finale.
On sunday the best placed at the Szlakiem Wielkich Jezior was again Erik, after a hard stage under a violent storm.

The italians of the NorthwaveCofiloc fought in the GP Capodarco, one of the biggest races in the U23 panorama. The best was Ruggero Minisini who finished the race in the top 30. The pace was very fast and intense for all day long despite 37° degrees and a hot sun. 

Looking forward to see again our guys going fast on our bikes.