The Reflection Collection from Basso represents a very unique product to shed light in an even more unique period in our history. The capsule collection will be produced for a limited time only and available at a special price during that period. Never before has so much technology, expertise and fine craftsmanship been put together in one package nor has it ever been so accessible.

The Reflection Collection

The Reflection Collection by Basso takes our most sophisticated platform to date, the Diamante SV, along with the Integra carbon integrated cockpit, and adds perhaps the most complex paint work in the history of the company. The elegant, sleek and unique limited edition build kit highlights the best of our framebuilding expertise.


If the diamond is an example of perfection then the DIAMANTE SV warrants its name as it encompasses all of the expertise the Basso brand has accumulated in over 40 years of experience constructing fine racing frames by hand. In creating fine works of engineering that are beautifully functional and functionally beautiful the SV becomes the crown jewel of the Basso line. The SV is the racer’s race bike as it strives to offer the rider the best, most efficient riding experience in terms of handling, reactivity, aerodynamic efficiency, structural efficiency and reliability to ensure performance capable of creating not only excitement but the confidence that a finely crafted frame can… time and time again.

The 3B-Basso Clamp

The seat clamping is totally masked and invisible on the frame. Not only nice to look at but also technically innovative. Getting way ahead of the usual clamp-ring/screw holding the seat post, or the extra bulking knot on the frame to house the seat screw; The 3B-BASSO has an anti vibration function which anyone can appreciate on rough surface roads.

The Integra integrated system

The newly developed Integra system cockpit improves both aesthetics and functionality in one single, finely crafted carbon integrated stem/bar system. For this limited editon collection the same finishing technique of the frame is also applied to the Integra carbon cockpit system, spacers and comfort kit for a uniform and more complete overall look.
A1 Bike Size 45 48 51 53 56 58 61
B Top Tube (mm) 505 515 525 545 560 575 590
R Reach (mm) 381 382 386 393 395 397 396
S Stack (mm) 493 493 518 530 557 580 614
C Seat Tube Angle (°) 76 75 75 74 73.5 73 72.5
D Steering Tube Angle (°) 71.8 71.8 72 72.3 73.5 73.5 74
E Chain-Stay Lenght (mm) 400 400 400 400 402 406 406
F BB to Fork Lenght (mm) 574 574 583 592 590 599 602
G Slope (mm) 70 43 38 34 33 38 45
HT Headtube (mm) 90 90 115 127 145 169 203