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A fine racing bike has one job and one job only: to aid its rider to go as fast as possible, under control and by consuming less energy. This is the design input behind the development of the DIAMANTE SV. Extreme efficiency, reactivity and control render this frame capable of conferring great speed, hence the moniker SV, or SUPER VELOCE.

Every tube in the Diamante SV’s construction has been optimized terms of its internal structure and external form, using the most sophisticated ultra-high modulus carbon fibers available, to render the bike astoundingly reactive and efficient. It is however the external form of these very tubes that have been meticulously studied to confer an overall aerodynamic advantage that benefits the rider in a versatile manner. Sensible aero design coupled with an extremely solid structure and race proven, rider approved Basso geometry make for a speed demon that handles like a supercar. Super Veloce in all situations the DIAMANTE SV begs for speed whether you are climbing, sprinting or descending.

If the diamond is an example of perfection, then the DIAMANTE SV warrants its name as it encompasses all of the expertise the Basso brand has accumulated in over 40 years of experience constructing fine racing bikes by hand. Made to race, made to win, made to last, made by Basso.
Shaped to make you faster. Each and every tube in the construction of this model has been made to reduce aerodynamic drag to a minimum, thus allowing you the rider to move forward faster and with less effort. Our aerodynamic approach seeks to develop a versatile design that takes into account the highly variable wind situations and angles that the rider may find themselves in. Aero optimized not for the wind tunnel but rather for the real world.
Basso was among the first to research, develop and employ carbon in its frames. By not only building with carbon but researching new methods and techniques to continually improve performance, reliability and durability the Basso frame is an advanced piece of technology that rivals anything else on the market and rides like only a Basso can. The beauty of such technology is that the fantastic ride quality that derives from such engineering is permanent, making the Basso frame perform equally after several seasons’ use as it did on the first day. Invest in Basso Composite technology, it’ll pay dividends for your cycling future.
Ready to Race. Firstly because we say so… but this Basso frame has also been submitted, tested and approved by the cycling world’s governing body, the UCI. Throw a leg over the Basso and you’ll approve to.
Elegant integration must be both functional and beautiful. Tube shapes together with 360° product design with components designed to seamlessly align and function with the complete system make for both better looks and better performance. Fork/Frame/Headset/Stem blend and function as one cohesive design unit.
A better name would be the stealth kit as its primary function is to allow you the rider to find your perfect position without adding obvious spacers. The meticulously studied solution from the Basso R+D department allows both flexible riders with low positions and those requiring a more upright front end to have an equally elegant set-up.
The advantages of the 3B clamp system are multiple. Beautiful because of its simplicity and nearly invisible form, functional thanks to its ingeneous design. Not only does the triple point clamping system confer a lightweight, extremely sturdy and reliable grip but it is designed in such a way to allow for an incredible amount of vibration dampening as well. Strong and safe grip, increased comfort and sleek design from one tiny component that most overlook.
To ensure optimum rigidity and, as a result, better handling along with increased reactivity a tapered headset is included in the design of this frame. The 1 1/8” to 1 ½” headset influences greatly the manuverability and ride feeling that derives from any frame design.
The Double Fit frame is capable of being built with either mechanical or electronic groupsets. Choose your preference, we will make sure hte final product is as fast as possible.
Through meticulous research and development the Basso carbon frame is developed to be designed and built without the incorporation of alternative, contrasting materials. Advanced carbon technologies allow for all lieces to be constructed, without compromise and with incerased integrity, wholly in carbon fiber and completely without the incorporation of alloy or metal components. A pure ride made from pure material
  • Full process quality control
By producing everything in house we can guarantee complete quality control, be agile and responsive regarding design and ensure a product that represents excellence at 360°. 

  • The Basso Warranty service
The Basso logo on the frame serves as a guarantee in and of itself. We take great pride in the quality of our products and stand by each and everyone that leaves our factory, happy to participate in your great cycling experience. That being said we have a 2-year warranty that can be extended for another additional year by simply registering your frame/bike upon purchase.

Reflection Frame Kit Rim





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The Reflection Collection

The Reflection Collection by Basso takes our most sophisticated platform to date, the Diamante SV, along with the Integra carbon integrated cockpit, and adds perhaps the most complex paint work in the history of the company. The elegant, sleek and unique limited edition build kit highlights the best of our framebuilding expertise.


If the diamond is an example of perfection then the DIAMANTE SV warrants its name as it encompasses all of the expertise the Basso brand has accumulated in over 40 years of experience constructing fine racing frames by hand. In creating fine works of engineering that are beautifully functional and functionally beautiful the SV becomes the crown jewel of the Basso line. The SV is the racer’s race bike as it strives to offer the rider the best, most efficient riding experience in terms of handling, reactivity, aerodynamic efficiency, structural efficiency and reliability to ensure perfomance capable of creating not only excitement but the confidence that a finely crafted frame can…time and time again.

The Integra integrated system

The newly developed Integra system cockpit improves both aesthetics and functionality in one single, finely crafted carbon integrated stem/bar system. For this limited editon collection the same finishing technique of the frame is also applied to the Integra carbon cockpit system, spacers and comfort kit for a uniform and more complete overall look.

The 3B-Basso Clamp

The seat clamping is totally masked and invisible on the frame. Not only nice to look at but also technically innovative. Getting way ahead of the usual clamp-ring/screw holding the seat post, or the extra bulking knot on the frame to house the seat screw; The 3B-BASSO (pat.) has an anti vibration function which anyone can appreciate on rough surface roads.
A1 Bike Size 45 48 51 53 56 58 61
B Top Tube (mm) 505 515 525 545 560 575 590
R Reach (mm) 381 382 386 393 395 397 396
S Stack (mm) 493 493 518 530 557 580 614
C Seat Tube Angle (°) 76 75 75 74 73.5 73 72.5
D Steering Tube Angle (°) 71.8 71.8 72 72.3 73.5 73.5 74
E Chain-Stay Lenght (mm) 400 400 400 400 402 406 406
F BB to Fork Lenght (mm) 574 574 583 592 590 599 602
G Slope (mm) 70 43 38 34 33 38 45
HT Headtube (mm) 90 90 115 127 145 169 203

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